Life is about learning.  In my first 30 years I learnt from others, my parents, in school, at university and in industry. I became a neuropsychologist and travelled the world.  I learnt about brains and how to measure them ‘objectively’.  I researched, developed cognitive tests, gave talks, lectured and wrote academic papers and books.

The next ten years were about family, adapting life around a husband and kids.  In my career I reached the pinnacles of sitting on committees and expert panels.  I worked in hospitals and set up specialist clinics and then set up my own clinical and medicolegal practice.  I learnt that the austere cognitive approach and obsession with intelligence, mindfulness and medication isn’t the answer. Our minds are really our everything.

My 40’s has been a period of metamorphosis, surviving and adapting through life’s lessons. Experiencing the harsh reality of what it really means to juggle work and family, learning the truth about education, how to survive loss and grow from it.

Now it’s time to put all that knowledge to good use and to create a better future world.


Joanna Blogs is a behavioural neuroscientist, psychologist, author & mother.  She lives and works in London.