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Are You Going Through a Metamorphosis?

We are each individuals, attempting to navigate our way through life, and you know what, we are actually doing a mighty fine job. It’s damnably tough beyond the sanctity of our homes, dealing with schools, exams, the work place, some trying to find a new job, our relationships and generally running our lives. We underestimate the enormity of it all, the relentless stress and pressure, the huge amount of effort it all takes.

There are so many ways life challenges us, but what I would suggest is that when adversity comes and knocks upon your door, deal with it as if it were a test to pass. It's come to check out what you are made of. Will you be strong enough, not just to survive but in due course even to thrive? The answer has to be yes. So cast out any negativity, particularly those old fashioned words ‘mental health’ and ‘disorder’, for they are so 'yesterday'.

I hate to say it, but ultimately the buck stops with you, because everyone has their own life to live, with their own trials and tribulations. Don't be angry if you are in a bad place yet others don't reach out to you, don't understand. Out of sight out of mind. It's impossible to know how someone else is feeling. It's impossible even to describe to others how you are feeling. You have shut yourself away, and you need to do that, but what do you expect?! Other people to understand? No they will think you are being selfish, or thoughtless, or some other negative. Just let that pass, because it will.

If you don't know what I am talking about, you will soon enough, because make no mistake, adversity comes knocking at everyone's door, in one way or another, sooner or later. So be kind, and chilled and don't judge. It's not so hard to do the team thing. To care about those close to you, those you love. Just let them know that they matter, and that they are doing just great, even if they obviously aren't.

They may be struggling, on the road to a metamorphosis. Don't treat them like weirdos, just believe in them, that's all you have to do, just like with Tinkerbell, then their light will come back on. Just give them space and time because they may need that. It is of course, easier said than done.

I have been struck so often in recent times by the kindness of strangers, of old friends who have reached out to me just when I most needed it most, as if they are angels come to give me the message that I must believe in myself, no matter what. KH

But what more can we do to ride these times out, without becoming too morose? How can we remain strong and motivated? How can we grow? The answer if that we must remain fearless.


Written by Joanna Blogs, all rights reserved.


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