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Human Physics: Our Fabulous Force Field (EMR)

Updated: Feb 8


Have you discovered your force field yet? If the answer is no, then you are seriously missing the most fascinating phenomena, (well at least in my opinion.) Get up from your desk, or wherever you are and go find a dimly lit place in your home, where there is a white wall. Put your arm out in front of you nice and straight and flat, but parallel to that wall, then spread your fingers out, look just beyond them and observe patiently. Keep still for a few minutes and you will find that an interesting phenomenon occurs; first a greyish cloudy glow will appear around your fingers, then you will gradually notice a greenish bluish glow. This is your forcefield. If you don't observe it, then you aren't being patient enough.

This is your electromagnetic radiation, the forcefield that we can’t see but which surrounds you all of the time.  Personally I can see it quite easily on anyone if I just take the time to focus on them, around their head. When you discover what I am talking about (and it takes a little time to practice and get comfortable with), you may be able to look at a person from a distance and see their own particular brand of EMR to.

The colour is important and can tell you much about another person; black is bad, red is anger, greeny blue is good.  When someone is asleep, warm, that can be a good time to observe someone else’s EMR; it radiates out of them quite strongly then.  It’s not set, the colour changes according to present situation.

If you tune into this ‘frequency’ and become aware of it’s existence you will reach the point where you can shoot rays across the room from your fingers.  At night, when you go to bed,  sit up in the dark, but with just enough light from outside or from the doorway for it not to be completely black, extend your arm, wait until you can see the glow then the colour, and then wait again, you will see rays coming from your fingers.  What you will find, is that just as when you are in a swimming pool submerged, you can see the movement of the water; here you will be able to see the movement of the air around you.  You will note the density of the air which you previously could not see, moving wavelike; that’s EMR.  Electro Magnetic Radiation.

Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.  If you are too stuck in traditional thinking, you won’t be able to.  If you are too full of yourself, you won’t be able to either.  This is a phenomenon only for the open minded.  It is science that we cannot easily see unless we are willing to suspend what we think we know, our current underlying beliefs, and tune in to the 3rd dimension, which is all about depth.  But if you can do it, it does open up a whole new world.  It explains certain phenomena too, because it’s all about waves. 

Have you ever heard your dog bark, suddenly become all alert, then a few minutes later you hear the crunch of feet on your drive?  A parcel, a person, coming to your door.  How did the dog know that was about to happen?  It happens every time, observe it from now on.  Or how about when you think of someone who you haven’t spoken to for ages, for no apparent reason, then the next day you get a phone call from them.  It’s spooky.  But in fact it’s entirely explicable.  They are just moving the air as they come towards you.  They are sending a signal.  If you are tuned in you are more likely to sense it. It's just quantum.

Now just think about yourself as you go about your daily life, how you feel determines what sort of force field you give off.  There will be those days when you woke up on the wrong side of bed and everything seems to be hard work; then there will be days where you feel great and everything seems to go right.  It’s all about waves.  We subconsciously detect other people’s and they detect ours.  It’s where the term ‘on the same wavelength’ came from; we feel more comfortable with someone who ‘feels’ more similar to us.

It's all quite magnetic; but that's a topic for another day.

Dr Jo Iddon

January 2024

Quantum Neuroscientist


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