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Brave New World

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

It did seem quite ludicrous at first. The press driving people into a frenzy. "Death toll soars 21". Boris did well to remain calm, like a modern day Churchill. None of it quite added up. But looking back one can't help but work out that this was worse than we were being told. The thing is, we just didn't really know what was going on, but it wasn't worth the risk of being blasé. It's not just self and family protection though, there is a bigger picture here, there lives of potentially million are at risk, and so who wouldn't respect and support the people on the 'front line'.

But it's easy to take those who are keeping our country going for granted - those who work in the shops, in the factories, the hospitals. There are a multitude of different delivery people, teachers working during the holidays, milkmen and crucially the dustmen. Imagine if trash was piling up the mess we would be in then. Thank you to each and every once going the extra mile. But well done to all of us frankly, I mean what can you say, these are extraordinary times and it's up to each of us to adapt.


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