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The Fork in the Road

As I stood at that junction,

at that fork in the road,

there right before me

sat an enormous pink toad.

I had been there before,

I was sure that I had

but how could that happen?

Maybe my memory was bad

But then something strange happened...

that toad turned its gnarled head,

looked into my eyes

and croakily said:

“What will you do?

Which way will you go?

I’ve been sat here for a while

and I’m struggling to know.

How should I choose?

When I don't know the way.

perhaps it doesn’t matter

at the end of the day.

The thing is you see,

my eyesight ain’t great.

Yet the pathway I choose

will determine my fate.

So what should I do?

Have you chosen yet?

Shall we just both toss a coin?

Is that perhaps the best bet?”


Well, I stared for a moment,

obviously quite taken aback,

yet really not knowing

the right answer to that.

It was quite some surprise

to be asked for advice,

by a toad who is pink,

yet so terribly nice!

But give toady it's dues,

for I was in the same plight.

Despite being quite different

that creature was absolutely right.

And so I took a deep breath,

and I turned to that toad,

and here's what I said,

at that fork in the road:


Well well fellow traveller,

nice to meet you today,

but I’m afraid I don’t know either,

which way to go I can’t say.

But it isn’t your eyesight,

cause neither of us can see,

far enough down those roads

to know which the right choice will be."


Now, you just won’t believe me

(but this is no word of a lie),

a crow then swooped in to join us,

quite astonished, I stifled a cry.

Silence fell,

then that crow opened it’s beak

it had come to advise us,

these words he did speak:


"Please try not to worry,

nor feel confused or dismayed,

it’s only YOU who can work out,

which decision should be made.”


Toad started to protest,

(as that was precisely the point)

But I said “Please let crow finish,

let’s not put it’s beak out of joint."

And what crow proceeded to say

I shall never forget,

a message of such great importance,

it’s one that everyone should get.


Life…” crow said ‘ “…is magikal.

Of course its full of mystery too.

You must be intelligent & flexible,

and GROW your way through.

During all of our lives,

There are many lessons to learn,

but if you don’t understand that,

the same issues in different disguises return.

You’ll stay stuck on repeat,

just think its bad luck,

until you have understood this....’s you keeping you stuck.

So, what you must do now,

is each reflect on your life,

What has been troubling you?

causing the stress and the strife?

Working that out

is how you will know,

why you are here

and which way you should go."


And then just like that,

mission accomplished for the day,

crow wished us good luck,

then flew up and away.....


The End


( "Life Tales” by JL Iddon)


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