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Exploring The Ultimate Question: What Is A Human Being?

If you wonder what life is all about, what it’s purpose is, what you are, why you are, then that’s actually not such a tough question to answer. We are each part of a 108 piece jigsaw puzzle. We fit together and have different roles.  We are each important and different, with interlocking intelligences.

We each have a distinct and defined set of underlying traits; we each have our own type of natural underlying processing power. You already know who you were, you may just not have recognised yourself yet.  You may not have turned the lightbulb on in your mind; you may not yet have sharpened the focus of the lens of your inner eye.

To be able to understand requires an open mind; a willingness to listen to new ideas rather than automatically reject them. You have to be willing to challenge your current mindset.

Are you ready to do that?


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