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Where's Your Head At Today?


by JL Iddon.

Where's your head at today? Is it where it needs to be?

It's time to chill out, your taking life far too seriously.

Try to find balance, but admittedly that's not easy to achieve,

But life is sort of what you make of it, what you choose to believe.

It certainly isn't easy, in fact it's incredibly hard.

At times it goes well, at others you deserve a red card..

It goes this way and that way, and you win and you lose,

But most of the time, its no worse than dealing with a bruise.

But the threshold for stress varies as life tests out us all.

There are a risk factors that determine our strength and our gaul

It helps to have money, status, a good job and great health,

Yes, that's certainly better than having not a penny of wealth.


Perhaps collecting mind health data is key to the magic door

To determine the factors most likely to be ones that make us fall,

To the ones that predict the causes of those who will suffer the most

In contrast to those who prove to be resilient and just seem able to coast.

So just what does it take to survive and to grow?

Do we indeed actually just reap precisely what we sow?

Does the honest truth mean anything to anyone at all?

Is it even worth pursuing change with a wake up call?

Such questions probably belong in a philosophical debate.

They are important and of course ones to certainly rate.

But just for the moment take your feet off the ground

Then put on your headphones and ramp up that sound!

A modern poem by JL Iddon.

Copyright JL Iddon. All rights reserved.



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