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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Updated: May 7, 2020

Actions, as they say, speak louder than words and nowhere is it more true than in human relationships. I suspect there are a lot of you out there for whom this is magnified right now, with one person in the household pulling their weight more than anyone else. We are in an extraordinary situation where everyone should frankly be mucking in. Yet I have talked to far too many friends who are working their arses off whilst simultaneously trying to home school, cook, clean and be the general dogsbody for everyone else.

No it’s not OK to just walk past the sink filled with dishes whilst observing how messy it is, nor to nonchalantly walk on over to the TV to continue season 3 of the box set you have been glued to at the expense of helping anyone else. If you care, pull out your goddam finger and behave as if you do.

For the bosses out there who drive their employees into the ground, working them all hours, expecting more and more, not even giving a second thought to the fact that people have their own lives and relationships and families. Just think carefully about the impact you might be having. How you might just might be getting your kicks inadvertently by being a tossa.

But it’s not just the non-reciprocal thoughtlessness that pisses me off, but the lack of communication almost straight after you have had a conversation precisely about the lack of communication and reciprocation! I have to write notes and send them afterwards their to be any effect. But perhaps it takes a while to process. The problem is it just comes across as thoughtless, a bit selfish and as a lack of respect.

Do you ever wonder what would happen if you just stopped doing everything and just watched a box set and thought of no-one else once in a while what would happen/. If you just didn’t bother to reply or text - just tried out the silent treatment once in a while too. I doubt they’d get it, but it might feel like a bit of personal power just for a brief moment in time.


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