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Stuck in Our Minds

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

'Will we survive?' The elderly lady said, fearful of the virus, anxious thoughts in her head.

'I am going to be fine' said the single man, struggling alone, no certain life plan.

'I love being at home' the child proclaimed, 'I just feel safer', she explained.

'I can't leave the house' the teenager confessed, life was making her super stressed.

'How will I cope?' that parent thought, single, miserable, overstretched and fraught.

'How will I support my family now? The unemployed worked furrowed his brow.

'What's the point anymore', sighed the devastated widow, left bereft and poor.

Hold on tight, we must be strong, bake some cakes, sing a song. Yes it's become rather like ground hog day, but looking back I can hear you say, 'It's a moment in history we have all lived through, but we managed to cope, both me and you''


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