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Can’t We Just Be Ourselves?

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Cant we just be ourselves? Why do we have to be "neurotypical” or “neurodiverse”? To me you might as well just say normal and abnormal. That was of course the way that anyone with a psychiThe concept of neurodiversity is troubling to me. We all look different, we are different shapes and sizes, have different coloured eyes and different colour skin. We come from different backgrounds, live in different houses and have different tastes, and guess what ..... we all have different brains and minds too. We are not all the same. We are all different.

So how come the minute a kid walks through the school gates it becomes a ‘one size fits all’ and there is all this talk about neurodiversity?

We are all rather different thinkers in my family, and that's what makes us us. But we are probably all a bit 'neurodiverse' in societal terms, and my how we have suffered as a consequence in school. Neurodiversity is about the best they can do, but it's window dressing clap trap. Mmm lets have neurodiversity prefects who can talk to the younger children and tell them how weird we are and how difficult school is for us.

But how about taking on board that we are just all different in fact, that it's schools that are causing the problem not the kids, simply by not acknowledging that children are all different to each other. Not knowing how to teach them in a more personalised way. It's as simple as that.

But I have figured something out that may help us all get beyond this sham. But more of that to come. Subscribe to hear more.


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