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Strangers to Ourselves

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

We go to school and learn all this stuff, but we don’t learn anything about ourselves. We delve into different topics in multiple subjects, but we are never taught about what goes on in our heads, about ourselves, about others. We are strangers to ourselves and we have no idea how to understand others.

We talk about difference and diversity and inclusion, but few really know what that even actually means. The irony is that we are aren't even referring to the difference that is actually at the core of us, who we really are, in our brains and minds.

We have to learn about ourselves on our own, and of course we do that through life, but there is nothing like sharpening the lens on your own mind, and understanding yourself within the context of your life. Once you understand yourself more, you start to be more accepting of yourself. It makes it more OK to be you, you become more relaxed with yourself, appreciate that other people are actually just different. Your faults aren't faults at all, rather foibles, balanced off by the good parts of you.

We are each like pieces that make up a jigsaw puzzle, valuable, each bringing something different. Do you know who you are? What your innate talents, strengths and weaknesses are? If you are interested in finding out drop me a message here.


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