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If School Was a Struggle Read This....

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

What do Steve Jobs, Lewis Hamilton, Richard Branson, Einstein and Tesla all have in common? They didn't do very well in school.

They were neither traditionally academic, nor even considered intelligent in the way that we have been conditioned, as a society, to think of intelligence, at least when they were younger, in their school days. It may give solace to those who struggled in school because the greats did too. They wouldn’t have done well on tests, nor in learning the curriculum as it is taught today.

But there are two other more common factors associated with all of the above, they are twice as likely to be left handed, as compared to the incidence in the general population, and more prone to depression.

So what is the common underlying factor underlying all of this, if indeed there even is one?

It makes you wonder though if it is a pre-requisite to great success, to have suffered and struggled and felt that you weren't good enough. Is it an important germinating factor?

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