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Let's Bring New Thinking to Old Challenges

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

If you were watching the TV as the new year dawned and saw the incredible display of visuals formed in the sky, you may have wondered however that was being accomplished. My family surmised all sorts of ideas, but my youngest said 'It's drones mum', and he was absolutely right. Just a few years ago drones were a kids toy that cost a fortune and then crashed almost as soon as they were launched, but here they were, synchronized drones, filling the sky for our delight. An awesome feat of programmed engineering. But it reminded me that the future is in our hands.

So 'let’s bring new thinking to old challenges' is my new years message. Let's start doing things in a new and better way, optimise, invent, innovate and create, because what better time than now? We have each been thrown head first into an extraordinary time and it's not over yet. Each of us has been challenged in so many different ways on so many levels. For some, 2020 was undoubtedly a terrible and catastrophic year, for those alone, a reflective confusing existence, for others a golden opportunity to spend cherished time with loved ones. But one thing’s for sure, it was a novel and turbulent year for everyone, one which we could never have predicted and which we have each had to adjust to and deal with in our own way.

But now it's the beginning of a new year and time to think differently. Sure the holidays are ending and that’s enough to make anyone feel flat and low, lethargic, grudging at having to get going again, resurface from the cocoon of the safe zone. It always takes a little while, to turn and face the multitude of tasks that have been growing – the mess in the house, the bills, the admin pile, work, the kids holiday homework that hasn’t been touched, the diaries to get on top of. The grim reality can hit hard. We really aren’t too dissimilar to an engine that’s been turned off and has come to rest, but is now being cranked up again, it takes a while to get back into the swing of things.

But when the time is right for you, and that time will come, take stock and rather than going back to doing things in just the same old way, catastrophising about the negatives, feeling down about it all …… just take time to reflect a little about how things might be done differently, in a better way. Live your life in a new way and make it the best you can. Take stock of those spiralling thoughts. It’s all too easy to catastrophise, be taken over by our subconscious brain that can be our very own worst enemy, telling us stuff that just isn’t helpful. So if that’s happening to you, catch yourself.

Your life and our world can be a far better place if we really start to actively and consciously make it that way, update the way you do things in your lives, in your work, and to benefit society. This latest outbreak just buys us a little more time to think about that. So use it wisely.


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