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How to Understand Minds

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

It's remarkable just how little we know about our own mind, let alone anyone else's. It's like we walk around without glasses on. We come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but we are also each born with inherent neural and personality characteristics, and that's what I know about. It's incredibly helpful to understand yourself, that's the bottom line. It's even more interesting to profile your whole family and understand why you interact with them as you do. It can solve all sorts of issues and enhance your 'team-ship'.

It's interesting when you look back at the journey life has taken you on. The key theme throughout the course of my professional life has been 'neural profiling', understanding people's different cognitive and behavioural patterns. I can't read people's mind's just by talking to them (a common misconception about psychologists) but if I give them my profiler I can understand them in great detail in just a few minutes. I can understand a person's underlying mindset and their behavioural characteristics.

I did this for years in my clinical practice, one to one. These were all people just like you and me, they just needed some help sorting their lives out for one reason or another. But don't we all. But the profiler was really helpful in understanding them. Most importantly, however, they found it helpful in understanding themselves and it changed some of their lives utterly. It always feels good to give other people hope and the prospect of a better future.

So I have decided to automate my expertise in the form of an algorithm, which I have developed as a V1 prototype. Check out my website

If you are interested to hear more or to invest get in touch.


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