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Planet Human

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Looking down at planet earth from outer space initially gives the impression of a smooth ball, with land and sea, swirls of different colours, varying in size depending on time and place. But if you where to move in a little closer, you would start to see more detail. So much detail in fact, that very soon it would become much more difficult to keep track of anyone thing at all, there would be so much to look at. Yet everything in its way would be working together in a reasonable degree of overall harmony.

Get in closer still and there would be swarms of human micro dots moving around, like chaotic colonies of ants, very busily going about their different activities, There would be a patchwork of fields and a spaghetti junction of different interconnecting rail networks and roads with junctions, connecting up cities and towns and villages of various sizes. It would get light and dark depending on where earth was in it’s rotation around the sun. The weather would change from sun to rain and wind and snow depending on season.

There would be patterns, constantly in flux, a state of seeming disorder at times, but then re-ordering into slightly different patterns. Periods of chaos and periods of calm. Everything slowly changing, growing, in different and varying states of flux. Nature just works that way. It's called Chaos Theory and just like the weather, we can only guesstimate what will happen next based on the patterns of the past. Yet it is ever evolving.

But that's the intrigue and novelty of our world in a way, we never really quite know what is going to happen next, and so we must be flexible, ready to adapt and grow according to the conditions. Evolution is a wily creature. In some ways it's about survival. But really it's an unfolding adventure, all about difference and variety and new creation. Our planet is amazing,

But few appreciate that everything we, as individuals do, impacts everything else in some way. It's called the 'Butterfly Effect'. Every thought that we have is influenced by our underlying beliefs, which are formed through our life experiences. And it is these that direct the decisions that we make every moment of every waking day.

We are each a highly complex ever changing system, operating within a plethora of other equally complex ever changing systems. There is great diversity, and that's just how it is. We each play our part in a massive system and each of us in our different ways influences that.

So remember this. It's not just our individual lives that we can influence, that play out at a day to day level, it's much bigger than that. The choices we each make, every single moment in our lives in some micro way changes the world. Because really what are we? We are our minds.


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